Enrol (Year 2019 - 2020) and FAQ

To Enrol onto the Herbal Courses please complete the form below. Options for various payment options, year of study and information regarding bursary is detailed below. Please note for the Termly and Monthly options you will also need to complete the direct debit mandate. For information on the Herbal Medicine Course click here

Discount Policies (Please note the offers below cannot be used in conjunction with each other)

We are currently running a discount policy for two main reasons and want to reward all those that help us. One, we have had a lot of inquiries and sign up in the last week so earlier sign up will allow us to make the necessary arrangements prior to the course date. Two, is to assist us making students aware of the course and minimise inconvenience and disappointment. The discount policy is:

  1. International fair discount policy (Discounts are available for other countries based on costs of the local economy)

  2. If a students enrols before or on 25th September 2019 there shall be a 10% discount  on first payment for all courses.(That is almost 25% should you be using monthly option on on GIHM course) 

  3. If a student signs up with a recommendation from another student or friend they will receive or earn 5% of the course fee. There is no maximum limit for recommendations. Staff recommendation will earn 10%.

  4. Staff and Volunteers Discount - Please contact us at info@ibnsina.co.uk or contact +44 7837 834675 prior to enrollment 

The Herbal Medicine course is a 3 year program designed to make the seeker a Herbalist. Before enrolling find out more information about the program. Where its taught? How to study from anywhere in the world? What is the course structure? What is taught on the program?


Feel free to download the prospectus by clicking the icon below or on the "Learn more" icon to find out more info on the website. Or you can contact us via email/message/call to speak to one of our admin team:

Course Start Date and Enrolment Deadline for Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3

This unique science is attractive to many students. Not only is it a good career as you are helping and curing people from illnesses on a daily basis, but also because it is very financially rewarding. We are interested in those students who will challenge ideas, make innovative findings, use their leadership talents in new areas, and take advantage of the breadth as well as the flexibility of the Course's offerings. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible as due to classroom size restrictions we have a maximum student restriction.


Please note the course enrolment deadline is 20th September 2020 . This is to allow us to make the necessary preparation for the Herbal Course. This will also allow us to contact all students and provide the required details in preparation for the course start date. Please also note previous year students will need to re-enrol.


The course will commence on:


Sunday 6th October 2019

Course and Payment Options

Standard payment options are detailed below. However we understand the needs for special requirements. Please contact us and we will try our best to help you.


OPTION 1: Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine (GIHM) - 3 Year course, below are annual fees

Upfront  -  An upfront payment paid all at once -

Total £1200

Termly   -  3 payments made in 3 sets  - 

£435 x 3 (Total = £1305)

Monthly  -  8 Monthly payments  -

£175 x 8 (Total = £1400)


OPTION 2: Contemporary Herbal Medicine (CHM) only

Upfront  -  An upfront payment paid all at once 

Total £550

Termly   -  3 payments made in 3 sets  - 

£210 x 3 (Total = £630)


OPTION 3: Greco-Islamic and Contemporary Herbal Medicine (GICHM) - 3 Year course, below are annual fees

Upfront  -  An upfront payment paid all at once - 

Total £1500

Termly   -  3 payments made in 3 sets  - 

£535 x 3 (Total = £1605)

Monthly  -  8 Monthly payments  -

£215 x 8 (Total = £1720)

OPTION 4: Homeopathic Course (HHM) 3 Year course, below are annual fees

Upfront  -  An upfront payment paid all at once - 

Total £750

Termly   -  3 payments made in 3 sets  - 

£285 x 3 (Total = £855)

Below is a table showing the breakdown of the fees for all 3 options along with the 3 payment options:















Payment for all options must be made in advance, before commencing the course. Once you have made your initial payment, you will automatically secure your place on the Ibn Sina Herbal Medicine course. For monthly options an advanced payment will be required followed by monthly payments, these will automatically be deducted. 

*(Note: Dealys in payments may incur charges and/or loss of your online access to the course links)

Terms and Conditions

Entry Requirements

1st Year: (All Courses) - The course is designed to provide foundations and an introduction to the different aspects of Herbal Medicine. You do not need any prior requirements or foundation studies to start this program. If students under the age of 16 please contact us.

2nd Year - Must have completed and passed 1st Year

3rd Year - Must have completed and passed 2nd Year

Method of Study

The main method of study for the herbal lessons is online (live). Advance notice will be given to notify you of these lessons. Recordings of each lesson will be available to all students with a unique username and password for each lesson.

Returning Students

If any students could not continue and complete the previous year(s) there will be an option for students to continue lessons. There will be a reduced fee for these students. Please contact us for more info 

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

All funds received by Ibn Sina Herbal are used in research and development for alternative means to cure people. We understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow students to continue onto the Herbal Course and we have therefore adopted a refund policy. The refunds policy in place is: If you decide to no longer continue with the herbal course then a payment for the lessons you have attended to or have been taught will only be charged including a admin fee The remaining balance will be refunded.



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