About the Logo

Ibn Sina has a really strong message of helping and serving the people as well as big ambitions for future developments and projects. The logo was designed to portray its strong message and aspirations. See below showing a breakdown of what each element represents or stands for. 

Ibn Sina Institute Logo.png

The Lion

A Lion is a symbol of Struggle, Bravery and willing to take on everything, Courageous, Just and a Protector of his herd. Similar to this Ibn Sina aims to be brave and take on every illness. Like the Lion it wants to be a symbol

of protection against illnesses for the

people of this world.

The Snow Leopard

A Snow Leopard is a rare animal that lives in the mountains. This unique creature that is on the brink of extinction is one of or if not the only wild cat that eats both meat and veg, making it an omnivore.

Similar to this Ibn Sina is an organisation that is unique and rare in that it is one of the only institutes in UK and Europe that practices and teaches Islamic

and Greek Herbal Medicine. Like the Snow Leopard Herbal Medicine is a science that uses

both herbs and animals in creating

remedies and cures for illnesses.  

The Greek Herbal Medicine Symbol

of the Cup and snakes.

The snake and cup dates back to the

Greek period from when the science of

Herbal Medicine became most widely

known. In Greek symbology the Cup

stands for drugs or medicine and the Snake represents health as it fights of anything. Together these form "Healthy drugs/medicine". Ibn Sina has added its own unique touch to the symbol by inserting an extra snake where if you look closely you will see the heads of the snakes come and join together forming a heart shape. This is to represent love for health.

The Shield

The Heraldry shield is a symbol of "attack and defence". Representing the ideology of Ibn Sina that it is set up to attack or fight against illnesses and at the same time defend or protect the body from illnessnes. Encompassing the matrimony of "Prevention and Cure" in Herbal Medicine.

The Huma Bird

The Huma bird is a bird that is said to be a mythical persian bird of Persian and Sufi legends. The legend describes the bird as always flying above the earth, never to rest on the ground. Due to its location (Iran, Uzbekistan, Persia) it links to where some of the greatest pioneers of Herbal Medicine come from such as Avicenna, Ibn Nafees and also links to the founder of Ibn SIna itself

- Sh.Hakeem Atabek. Ibn Sina also wants to portray the same

image of always flying above the people as a symbol

of compassion and protection just like the Huma bird,

It is shown here holding the shield and raising it

above the ground.

The Message

"Ad Curare Insanabilis" is latin for "Curing The Incurable ". 

The statement explains Ibn Sina's ultimate goal of curing the illnesses and diseases that are difficult or impossible to cure. We want to challenge these illnesses with our research head on. 

The message was chosen to be written in Latin for a few reasons. Firstly the language itself holds many links including its alphabet to the Ancient Greeks. Secondly it was a language used by the academics in Early Britain and it contributed to the British and European languages as is Ibn Sina institute contributing to Britain and Europes Natural Medicine. Thirdly Latin is now a dead language and only studied to read classical texts. In contrast to this Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine is also a science rarely taught classical like the Latin language.