Diploma in Greco-Islamic (Allopathic) Herbal Medicine
Accredited by CMA (Complementary Medical Association)



The" Islamic and Greek Herbal Medical Diploma accredited by CMA is a 3 year structured or flexible course that will entail the study of both the Theoretical and Practical side of Herbal Medicine.  It involves the study of ancient manuscripts, dating back to over 800 years old. Once students have graduated they have the option to either practice independently  and / or jojn Ibn Sina Herbal as a partner (Research and Practice)'. Information on the post graduate scheme shall be uploaded soon. The course will give the ability to diagnose illnesses and make herbal remedies to cure people. On completion students will be given certification (isnaad).

The course has previously been a live course however as the need for flexibility has increased the courses is now available on a flexible basis. All examinations will take place in the same period however you can choose to watch and learn on a flexible basis. Any live lessons which are given will be complimentary. The student can learn from any location in the world via the dedicated online learning portal. We have a track record of students from across the world who have enroled on the course previously of which some are now working closely with Ibn SIna Herbal.

Students enrolling on the Islamic and Greek Herbal Medical Diploma must be 16+. Students younger than 16 can contact the institute and if they succeed at the interview the students will gain entry into the First year of study.

This unique science is attractive to many students. Not only is it a good career as you are helping and curing people from illnesses on a daily basis, but also because it is very financially rewarding. We are interested in those students who will challenge ideas, make innovative findings, use their leadership talents in new areas, and take advantage of the breadth as well as the flexibility of the Course's offerings. Students are advised to enrol as early as possible as due to classroom size restrictions we have a maximum student restriction.

What is Greco - Islamic Herbal Medicine

Greco Islamic Herbal Medicine is a form of allopathic medicine and relates to the traditional methods of Herbal Medicine used by greeks and Muslim pioneers e.g. Plato Galen, Ibn Sina, Ibn Nafis, Khwarizmi etc. For more information click here. 

Overview of the Program

There are many topics that are taught and covered in this unique course, from theoretical to practical. The course covers a comprehensive text of Ibn Sina called the "Urjoozah" that is taught over the 3 years along with 3 semesters in the 3 years that will focus on Herbal remedies, oils, concentrates adn complicated remedies known as Majoons. It also delves into herbs, types of herbs, different methods of drying them and their affects on a person's health, from a preventative perspective to a curing perspective.

Below is a breakdown of what is taught over the 3 years:

*Course start dates has been extended to October this year

Year 1 Modules - Definition of the Tibb, Parts of the Tibb (Theoretical / Practical), Theoretical parts (Natural Things - Tabe'iyyat, Elements, Humors, Body-elements (Akhlat), Organs -3 Lessons, Souls - Arwah, Engines - Quwa, Actions Af'aal)

Year 2 Modules - Necessary things (Daruiyyat), Surrounding conditions, food and drink, sleeping and awakening, motion and stiffness, Fullness and emptiness (Istifragh, Ihtiqan), Anger and fear, illness, illness of organs, causes of the illness, symptoms of the illnesses, signs, condition of fullness, signs during the illness, time of illness, length of illness, peak of illness (buhran), signs of death, signs of cure, way of analysing the signs

Year 3 Modules - Treatment by food and remedy, Preventative Medicine, Treatment, Types of Remedies, Preparing Remedies, Initial effects of the remedies, secondary effects of the remedies, third type of effects, treatment of bad condition, treatment of fullness, treatment of conditions

Theoretical Modules

The course is broken down into two distinct categories: The Theoretical and the Practical side of Herbal Medicine. Below is a breakdown of some of the Theoretical Modules that are covered on the program (Note: these are not all of the modules but just some of the major ones):

  • Reading a patient's Meezaj (Temperament)

  • Elements and there effects

  • Reasons for Illnesses

  • Preventing Illnesses

  • Symptoms of Various Illnesses

  • Treating Illnesses

  • Primary and Secondary organs

  • Reading a Pulse to determine illnesses

  • Reading a patient's Urine and Faeces to determine Illnesses

  • Reading a patient's Blood, Skin colour and texture to determine Illnesses

  • ...and many more

Watch the video extracts taken from the Theoretical lessons taught on this program to get a better understanding of what is covered and how. 



A snippet from Hakeem Atabek's Herbal lesson advising the treatment of Cold and Dry Illnesses


(Hakeem Atabek explains the Meezaj of Herbs)

A snippet from one of Sh.Hakeem Atabek's course lessons on Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine, where he explains the meezaj (temperament) of herbs and their effects on our bodies. 

Below is a breakdown of some of the Practical Modules that are covered on the program (Note: these are not all of the modules but just some of the major ones):


  • Making standard remedies

  • Procedures of making various Oils

  • Extracting oils from flowers and nuts

  • Procedure of making Murabbas

  • Procedure of making Concentrates (Ruboobs)

  • Procedure of making Marhams (creams)

  • Procedure of making Herbal Tablets

  • Procedure of making Majoons (complicated remedies)

  • How to develop your own remedies

  • Herbal Formulas and Calculations

  • Terminologies used in ancient herbal medicine 

  • Encyclopedia of Herbs 

  • ...and many more

Practical Modules

Watch the video extracts taken from the Practical lessons taught on this program to get a better understanding of what is covered and how. 


(Practical method of making Rose Oil)

The video shows a few minutes of an extract from a practical herbal lesson, that is taught on the 3 year GIHM (Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine) Program. 


(Practical method of making Rhubarb Jam)

The video shows a few minutes of an extract from a practical herbal lesson, that is taught on the 3 year GIHM (Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine) Program. 


(Practical method of making Rhubarb Jam)

The video shows a few minutes of an extract from a practical herbal lesson, that is taught on the 3 year GIHM (Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine) Program. 

Pulse Reading

Unlike contemporary medicine, where doctors measure the heart rate and blood pressures only, Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine boasts a deeper interpretation of the pulse of the heart. THe pulse provides the Herbal Doctor (Tabeeb) with around ten categories of information with a layer of subcategories further adding to the precision of the diagnosis.

The Herbal doctor (Tabeeb) does not rely on technological heart monitoring systems and devices but rather implements the use of his fingers to detect the pulse of the patient. The information has been used by our Head Herbalist Sh. Hakeem Atabek to diagnose problems to a degree of accuracy that has startled the curious sceptical people.

This method of diagnosis is taught on the second year of the Herbal Medicine program in the chapter of Illnesses along with many of the other traditional methods of diagnosis to all students.



(Intro to Pulse Reading)

A short snippet from a public Herbal lecture where Hakeem Atabek's Senior student and Herbalist gives an introduction into pulse reading

Course Texts and Teachers

Ibn Sina Herbal Program is one of the first courses in the UK and globally that provides authentic and traditional remedies based on Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine. The course head teacher (Sh.Hakeem Atabek Shukurov) has a direct authentic chain of tutelage through teachers connected back to Ibn Sina (Avicenna) himself. The course leader is also Sh. Hakeem Atabek for this course. To find out more about the Head Herbalist visit "About us". 


The course texts are classical texts taught nowhere else, making it one of the most unique courses in UK and Europe (see below).These will be provided as part of the course.


There are a number of texts that were collated together by the Head Herbalist in systemising the syllabus for Herbal Medicine. From Greek to Islamic Sources the Head Herbalist has researched manuscripts dating back over 800 years, unlocking the secrets of the past and bringing it into the present world.


Greek and Islamic Herbal Medicine have a strong history of pioneers. On this course research and knowledge is taken and taught from the books of great Herbalists and Physicians such as Avicenna (Ibn Sina), Hippocrates, Plato, Ibn al-Nafees and Ibn Sina (Avicenna).


For the Theoretical side of Herbal Medicine the "Urjuzah fi al-Tibb" is taught throughout the 3 years. This manual in Herbal Medicine dates back to the Medieval Islamic World in the 8th Century. Written by Ibn Sina himself the book is written as a Medical Poem. It was one of the main books that was the key in transmitting the medical knowledge to Medieval Europe, studied in nearly every medical university in Europe at the time. This famous historical manuscript now makes the main foundation of Ibn Sina's Herbal Medicine Course.


For the Practical side of Herbal Medicine there are a number of classical manuscripts from great authors such as Ibn Nafees and Ibn Sina from which the methods of drying herbs, extracting oils and making remedies are deduced. Formulas to unique remedies are taken from these trialled and tested recipes of our historical Herbalists to give the students a unique experience.


Studying Online

Ibn Sina Herbal Course has invested into an online LMS software and equipment. . Live lessons are via Zoom and the LMS is via a dedicated LMS provider. Combined the benefits of the system are

LMS System

  • All in one online learning portal

  • Structured system

  • All recordings, resources, exams and certificate within

  • Management account and payments 

  • Communicate with other students online to share knowledge and discuss lesson content.

  • Access to dedicated Whatsapp Group and Discussion Portal via the LMS

​Live Lessons (Where applicable)

  • Ability to ask questions live (audio or by typing)

  • Access the lessons via any decide

  • Playback of all lessons

  • Receive replies to questions instantly live as you learn.

  • Communicate with other students online to share knowledge and discuss lesson content.


Missed your lesson? Or you just want to watch the lesson again?...You don't need to worry! All lessons are recorded live and then put online for you to watch in your own time almost instantly after the lesson. Students also have the option of watching their lessons for the whole year, which is extremely beneficial for revision and exam periods.

Certification (Isnaad)

After the 3 years of study, if you are successful and pass all your theoretical and practical examinations then you will receive certification from Ibn Sina Herbal. (Please note all final examinations will take place at Ibn Sina Institute) This will be a certificate declaring that you have qualified as a herbalist on the program of study. For those that get over a certain amount of percent will not only receive the certificate but also the sanad (chain certificate). This is a highly unique document that will connect the student all the way back to one of the world's greatest Herbalists, Ibn Sina (Avicenna). The Isnaad document is an ancient method of certification that would be displayed to students on completion of studies in the past. This would contain all the names of the teachers throughout the generations that have passed on the knowledge from teacher to student going back to the source, which in this case is Ibn Sina. The isnaad will be certified and issued by the Head Herbalist (Sh. Hakeem Atabek). 


Course Timetable (Dates if applicable will be updated on the Learning Portal)

Due to the course being held and based in the UK. All timings and schedules will be issued according to UK time and date. If you are located in a different time zone, then you must calculate your own time differences according to your own respective countries.

The course term times and holidays will be in conjunction with regular UK state schools and universities (ie: Christmas and New year holidays, similar to UK schools). For the full Yearly course calendar and timetable please download prospectus.

Lesson time is scheduled as 2 hour per lesson but these may be +/- 1 hour. Practical Lessons usually run to 3 hours and theory lessons can sometimes finish in 1 hour depending on whether the content is covered.


Entry Requirements

1st Year: (All Courses) - The course is designed to provide foundations and an introduction to the different aspects of Herbal Medicine. You do not need any prior requirements or foundation studies to start this program. If students under the age of 16 please contact us.

2nd Year - Must have completed and passed 1st Year

3rd Year - Must have completed and passed 2nd Year

Method of Study

The main method of study for the herbal lessons is pre-recorded and existing material with complimentary live lessons. Advance notice will be given to notify you of these lessons. Recordings of each lesson will be available to all students within the portal.

Returning Students

If any students could not continue and complete the previous year(s) there will be an option for students to continue lessons. There will be a reduced / zero fee for these students. Please contact us for more info.


Herbal Course FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Herbal Medicine Course

Are the courses Accredited?

Yes the courses has gone through the verification process and has been accredited by CMA which is the Complementary Medical Association. We recommend students who enrol onto the course to also obtain a student membership with CMA as this will also start building your own professional profile. For more information on accrediation please contact us on info@ibnsina.co.uk FAO Shazia Noor

Will international students benefit from the CMA accreditation?

The course is online and CMA is also an international organisation therefore students globally can Enrol and benefit from thee course however please note that you will need to ensure you follow the 'law of the land' as not in all countries or states will allow Herbal Medicine.

If we enrol onto the Greco Islamic and Contemporary Herbal Medicine, is it separate qualifications?

Both courses are distinctive from each other and therefore you will obtain 2 qualifications and certifications accoridngley

How do we enrol on any free lectures which are offered?

To enrol onto the free lectures go to enrol now, enter your details into the form as normal however for course options select other and enter in the message box the free lectures you will be enroling onto.

Do we need to enrol again for year 2 and year 3?

Yes please, The same enolment form will need to be completed each year.

What is Greco - Islamic Herbal Medicine?

Please visit the 'What is Herbal Medicine' page or you click here. If you require further information please contact us on info@ibnsina.co.ukFAO Moneeb Minhas.

Who will be my Teacher?

Ibn Sina is pleased to have a number of teachers with each of them specialising and focusing on a certain part of the Herbal Medicine Course. Each teacher has been selected by Sh. Hakeem Atabek based on their knowledge and capability of teaching. Who will be teaching what and when will be finalised after the enrolment deadline but prior to start of the course. If your question is will Sh. Hakeem Atabek teaching? Then the answer is yes, but Sh. Hakeem Atabek will be your main teacher.

What is the timing of the course?

The course term times and holidays will be in conjunction with regular UK state schools and universities. The Herbal Medicine Course lessons will take place every Sunday and each lesson will be approximately 2 hours. The time for year 1 lessons will be 10:00 to 12:00am and year 2 will be 12:00am to 14:00pm. Please allow for +/- 1 hour for each lesson as it is subject to the content. At Ibn Sina we want to aim in each lesson to complete a topic.

Where will the course be?

What Literature of material is provided?

What time is the student expected to learn out of class time?

This depends on the student. But you are advised to revise over your notes at least 2 - 3 times before the next lesson. The first year is not so tense so there is not much out of lesson preperation or work.

Is the course suitable for someone to just be more healthier?

Yes it is, we have had people that study the course and not pursue it as a profession but just for themself and their family.

Will i be able to treat all illnesses at the end of the program?

Just like any other medicine the cure of any illness is based on research. The course will give you all the foundations to start practicing. You can start this independently or as recommended with Hakeem Sh. Atabek in which you will benefit from the research in progress with the organisation.

What is the benefit of the upgraded conference system and how will it enhance from other methods?

For video performance the new camera system has not only a wider view but also a preset functionality. I.e. When the teacher is making the remedy they can press a button on the remote and it will auto zoom to the required area. There will also be two microphones linked to the system. One for the teacher and the other for the students in the class. For more information on the device type Aver VC520 in Google or Youtube we have had a number of Trials with the company. Further we will be running trial classes on omitting any issues. The main problem at some venues is the rooms are spacious and and poor lighting. If the room environment is controlled it is the first step to controlling the whole video / audio experience for online users.

How do you make the online experience for online students easier and what system is used for online learning?

Do i need to have arabic knowledge to complete the course?

No Arabic is not a requirement. Hakeem will however cover some key words in Arabic as the text is in Arabic but provide the full meaning to it. So it is no more than when you learn say latin words in law.


Admissions is  straightforward and easy. To enrol click on 'Enrol Now' here or next to this textthis will take you to our LMS (Learning Management System partner. You will first be required to register then you can view the course and enrol. The course fees and payment options are shown on the system and detailed further below. Once enrolled you will be able to view the course information. Can you also please leave send your mobile number to info@ibnsina.co.uk to allow us to add you to the communication groups. For a demonstration to the system please click here.

The Learning Management System (LMS) will have all the information required to allow you to complete the course this includes course documents, information on any live classes, recorded lessons, payment information, information on assignments and examinations and more.


For the first class this will also be shown on the learning management system and all students are required to attend the first class.  One week before the start date is the enrolment deadline.  If you miss the deadline date for enrolment then you are advised to contact the admin team at the earliest possible date to see if any places are available.

Course, Payment and Discounts

Standard payment options are detailed below. However we understand the needs for special requirements. Please contact us and we will try our best to help you.


Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine (GIHM) - 3 Year course

Upfront - An upfront payment - £1,200 / year

Monthly - 8 Monthly payments  - £165 / monthly x 8 (£1,320)

Monthly - 12 Month (Monthly Subscription) - £120 / monthly x 12 (£1,440)

Payment for all options must be made in advance, before commencing the course. Once you have made your initial payment, you will automatically secure your place on the Ibn Sina Herbal Medicine course. For monthly options an advanced payment will be required followed by monthly payments, these will automatically be deducted. 

*(Note: Dealys in payments may incur charges and/or loss of your online access to the course links)

Discount Policies / Options (Please note the offers below cannot be used in conjunction with each other)

We are currently running a discount policy for two main reasons and want to reward all those that help us. One, we have had a lot of inquiries and sign up in the last week so earlier sign up will allow us to make the necessary arrangements prior to the course date. Two, is to assist us making students aware of the course and minimise inconvenience and disappointment. The discount policy is:

  1. International fair discount policy - Discounts are available for other countries based on costs of the local economy), please contact
    +44 7837 834675 for further information.

  2. Recommendation - If a student signs up with a recommendation from another student or friend they will receive or earn 5% of the course fee. There is no maximum limit for recommendations. Staff recommendation will earn 10%. A number of students from last year have not made use of this opportunity.

  3. Network / Partners Discount - If you are a member of Ibn Sina Herbal as part of our network, partner or partner clinics, Please contact us at info@ibnsina.co.uk prior to enrolment 

  4. Staff and Volunteers Discount - Please contact us at info@ibnsina.co.uk prior to enrolment 

  5. Returning Students - If any students could not continue and complete the previous year(s) there will be an option for students to continue lessons. There will be a reduced / zero fee for these students. Please contact us for more info.

Refunds and Cancellation Policy

All funds received by Ibn Sina Herbal are used in research and development for alternative means to cure people. We understand that circumstances sometimes do not allow students to continue onto the Herbal Course and we have therefore adopted a refund policy. The refunds policy in place is: If you decide to no longer continue with the herbal course then a payment for the lessons you have attended to or have been taught will only be charged including a admin fee The remaining balance will be refunded.

Terms and Conditions

Please note the above is subject to our terms and conditions, please click here for a copy.