Treatments and our Clinics
One of Ibn Sina Herbal's objectives is to provide a network of clinics and surgeries worldwide and hospital services to diagnose people and provide treatment to all illnesses both spiritual or physical.
Ibn Sina Herbal aims to do this through and by providing wide range of rare clinics to support all aspects of health and life to ensure the health and well being of individuals and welcomes anyone to our appointments. Wither if it is just a discussion about life in general or an illness. Ibn Sina Herbal are here. At Ibn Sina Herbal we treat illnesses effecting the mind (mental), body (physical), and even the soul (spiritual). Like this we can treat and support illnesses from as little as a cold to chronic illnesses and infections. We always strive to ensure we can help the patient in the best way possible. Some illnesses may require one visit where some may require multiple visits. Our head practitioner Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov has extensive knowledge and experience in this field and has been providing treatment services for more than 15 years.
Our clinics is centre based where you will need to attend. Should there be any special requirements such as a patient is unable to travel or there is a group of patients then please contact us to make special arrangements.
One of the main ​purposes of our learning services is to educate more people to become herbalists and become practitioner, which in turn also extends our networks. This will not only allow the growth of Ibn Sina Herbal but also be able to diagnose and treat more and more illnesses. To join us please visit our Join Us page, to become a Herbalist visit our Learn page.
To book an appointment please go to book an appointment on top of this page. If the illness is known please provide details on the illnesses to ensure the correct support can be provided on the day. Please go to the bottom of the page to view the frequently asked questions.

Leave Feedback

We now run a feedback system which will allows patients to provide feedbacks which helps improve our service and provide a better cure for patients. All feedback will be reviewed by Sh. Hakeem himself. Please be very very open when providing feedback this will be the only way we can understand the real requirements.

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Our Clinics

Below is a list of some of the clinics provided and illnesses which have been cured and / or successfully provided support to. As well as our Herbal Medicine, Spirituality and Cupping Clinics we are in the process of setting up further specialist clinics i.e. Acupuncture, Massages, Pysiotheraphy etc. Visit this page for updates.


Herbal Medicine Clinic (General Health and Diagnosis)

Our Herbal Medicine clinic is basled on an 'all in one' approach. The clinic is recommended for patients coming to Ibn Sina Herbal first time and / or require a general health checkup before any other treatment or clinic. In fact due to the extensive knowledge and experience we have most patients who get diagnosed and a cure is provided at there first appointment. If it is your first time a new patient record profile will be create and once a discussion has taken place with the practitioner a diagnostics will be carried out to determine your general health and reasons for your illness. The course of action including further appointments, remedies etc swill be discussed during this appointment. If the practioner is a male, a female assistant practitioner shall also be present for female patients.

Illnesses / Diseases / Treatments: Cancer Support incl. recovery after treatment, Heart Conditions (bypass, palpitation), Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases (Urine Infection), Brain Illnesses (Migraine, Skitofenia, Epilepsy, Shaking Hands, Sleeping Problems, Melancholic, Neurological Illnesses including Genetic, Child Development Issues, Skin and Allergic Conditions including hair loss, lipoma, eczema, acne etc, Thyroid, Bowel Diseases (Colitis, Digestic Problems, Constipation), Natural Fertility (Impotence), Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Drug Addiction Treatment, Bone, Joint and Muscle Pain including arthritis, Diabetics, Blood Pressure and more.

Please note the illness / diseases list above is limited and not exhaustive, equally the treatment of each illness is all dependent and subject upon each individual and their general health.

Practitioner (s): Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov 

Location (s): Mobile and Office based locations (TBA)

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Spiritual (Ruqya) Healing Clinic

Our Spiritual (Ruqya) Clinic together with our Herbal Medicine is the cure for many diseases and illnesses. Spiritual healing is the process of treating the whole body spirtually - mind, body and spirit. There a number of methods this is carried out including dream interpretation. All instructions and the process will be made clear to your prior the treatment. Details of the treatment will then be logged in out patient record system and a copy will be available upon request. If the patient is a female, female assistant practitioner shall also be present. Please note the final decision and the requirement for Spirtual (ruqya) treatment will be confirmed by the Hakeem on the day. 

The Spirtuality Clinic is provided as a seperate clinic to the Herbal Medicine clinic to the above. The clinic is sometimes required to also treat the illnesses above and will be advised if it is a requirement during the appointment.

Illnesses / Diseases / Treatments:  Feeling  Negative, Life Problems, Marital Problems, Depression Problems, Bad Habits, Psychological Issues and other sprirtiual problems including Magic (Sihr), Possession (Masaha), Evil Eye (Ayn) and more.

Practitioner (s): Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov 

Location (s): Mobile and Office based locations (TBA)

Spiritual Healing, Energy Healing, Black Magic, Evil Eye, Nazar, Jinn, Sheffield, Manchester, UK, Energy Healing

Cupping (Hijamah) Clinic

Cupping (Hijama) is no doubt a solution to improved health and a cure to many illnesses / diseases. Cupping or in arabic known as Hijama pre-dates even the prophetic period. It was used widely  by the islamic world as well as the chinese medicine. The body has a natural cycle of bloodflow however overtime due to some parts of the body being used the least (e.g. the back) this causes the blood to hold back in these areas. Due to this new blood not flowing properly around the body  it results in various illnesses. The benefits of this it improves the oxygen supply, enhances tissue performance, relieves muscle spasm and pain. In brief it is a anti-detox of the body.


The procedure of cupping involves creating a vacum using cups on the surface of the skin. This causes the dead unwanted blood to come to the surface of the skin from where it is then removed by small incisions on the surface of the skin releasing this unwanted blood. 

Practitioner (s): Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov 

Location (s): Mobile and Office based locations (TBA)

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Specialist Clinics

Ibn Sina Herbal runs  a number of specialist clinics with partners to focus on certain illnesses / diseases / treatments. The specialist clinics will be provided by Sh. Hakeem Atabek or another member of Ibn Sina Herbal. These include:


  • Pysiotheraphy Clinic

  • Acupuncture Clinic 

  • Osteopathy Clinic

  • Health and Diet Clinic (general health, quit smoking, losing weight)

  • Beauty Clinic (permanent hair removal, wrinkles, pigmentation)

Please note we are still in the process of setting these up, so please keep on visiting our website for updates.

Practitioner (s): Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov 

Location (s): Mobile and Office based locations (TBA)

Clinic FAQ
How to book an appointment?
Please use the book an appointment tab on top of this page. The system will guide you through in terms of availability, times and the cost.
On the day of the appointment?
Please ensure you arrive atleast 15 minutes early for your appointment. If you will be coming to any one of the clinics the first time please ensure you comes 30 minutes earlier to allow us to complete your profiile on our systems. If you are travelling from far please ensure you state this and also allow enough time to attend the appointment. Refreshment will be provided. Please state on the booking if there are any special requirements.
What to expect when seeing the practitioner?
After your discussion, the practitioner will carry out the necessary checks to determine what treatment or remedies are required. If you are visiting Ibn Sina Herbal the first time, there will be a number of checks to determine your general health and wellbeing. This is classed as a general diagnostics. For all appointments where the patient is a female there will also be presense of a female practitioner. 
Will my details be kept secure?
Ibn Sina Herbal runs a data protection policy and training is providing to all new employees to ensure the data of each patient is kept secure. All patient data is logged using our Patient Record System which the access is only limited to herbal practitioners. 
Process Flow Diagram
Process flow diagram in the process of being finalised. The aim of the process flow diagram will be to allow patients and members of Ibn Sina Herbal to follow a certain strict procedure from the initial Herbal Medicine Clinic to Providing a remedy to a Follow up appointment. We are aiming to complete our standard policy and procedures policy in January 2017 and will be available to view online.
The purpose of this is to ensure a service is provided which exceeds the patients requirements and to also allow the patients to understand how we operate. We would also love your input into this policy and are open for advise / suggestions.