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Our aim is simple and that is to serve people in different aspects of both health and life, not only using Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine but using alternative methods. Ibn Sina Herbal is not creating something new we are bringing back what already existed and enhancing it for future generations using its principles. Our uniqueness is that we exist for the people and there health and wellbeing. Together we need to diagnose and treat every illness. We are a non-profit based organisation in which all profits are used for research and development purposes. Details of these projects will soon be available on the website

In summary we aim to achieve this by using two main objectives:

  1. Educate people worldwide to allow them to understand what actually is Herbal Medicine.. We want to educate people on how they can diagnose and treat themself and others on many illnesses using natural herbs and alternative methods.

  2. Provide a network of Clinics worldwide and Hospital services to diagnose people and provide treatment to all illnesses.

If you want to be a part of this, please contact us. We are an equal opportunities organisation who has strong beliefs in working together to achieve our aim. Therefore regardless of any situation or scenario, we are keen to work with people from all humanity including all races, all genders, all ages and that to worldwide. To help us we will require your support. Contact Us today to find out more.

Many people ask what the logo means or what it represents? If you are also curious About the logo itself then Click here to find out more about it.

Want to learn more about what is Herbal Medicine is? Go to our Learn Section and head over to the What Is Herbal Medicine .Page.

Why the new Name or Change?

Many may ask why this new name or change? Due to the Herbal Medicine side of things growing successfully these past few years Sh.Hakeem Atabek decided to branch it off under its own banner "Ibn Sina Herbal". Named after one of the greatest Herbalists and philosophers of Greek and Islamic Medicine. Anything related to the Islamic scholarship, In this are many wisdoms which the respected Shaykh has decided on and this was the main reason for the change. Both these organisations will be running side by side, by the Avicenna and Ibn Sina's teams. Sh.Hakeem Atabek has many future plans and aspirations for Herbal Medicine, but for this he would like to reach out to all. This new branding will make this easier. 

About the Head Herbalist
Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov an Nasafi

In the field of Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine. Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov has a direct isnad (chain of knowledge) back to Ibn Sina (Avicenna) himself, who was one of the greatest Herbalists and Philosophers the world has ever seen. Sh. Hakeem Atabek speaks over 8 languages, has studied in over 5 different countries and praticed Herbal Medicine for over 30 years, making him one of the most unique and authentic Herbalists in the world today.

Sh. Hakeem Atabek came to the UK in 2006 in an effort to spread traditional Islamic knowledge and Herbal Medicine. He has taught in numerous institutes and universities and is regular on Sky Television, where he has daily shows such as "Ask the Alim" and a special Herbal show named "Avicenna's Garden".

Sh.Atabek on BMTV

Sh.Atabek on BMTV

Sh.Atabek on BMTV

Sh.Atabek on BMTV

Sh.Atabek University Lecture

Sh.Atabek University Lecture

Sh.Atabek on Radio

Sh.Atabek on Radio

Sh.Atabek awarding students

Sh.Atabek awarding students

Sh.Atabek teaching Herbal

Sh.Atabek teaching Herbal

In 2012 Sh. Hakeem Atabek decided to teach a systemised program that was designed to take the student from a beginner to an advanced level in Herbal Medicine, within 3 years. He wrote the syllabus using only classical texts that would teach both Theoretical Theoretical (Nathari) and Practical (Amali) Herbal Medicine. In 2015 we saw the first graduates certified by Sh. Hakeem Atabek graduating on an advanced level, where they were diagnosing patients, preparing remedies and curing them successfully from chronic illnesses. Today some of these graduates work under Sh. Hakeem Atabek whilst some run successful clinics in some of the major cities in the UK.

The program today is taught by Sh. Hakeem Atabek and other qualified Senior Herbalists, all of whom have obtained their certification (isnaad) and experience under the guidance of Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov.

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