Our Learning Services

   One of Ibn Sina's objectives is to educate people worldwide to allow them to understand what actually is Herbal Medicine.. We want to educate people on how they can diagnose and treat them self and others on many illnesses using natural herbs and alternative methods or simply if people want to lead a healthier life We are an equal opportunities organisation and have strong beliefs in working together to achieve our aim. Therefore regardless of any situation or scenario, we are keen to work with people from all humanity including all races, all genders, all ages and that to worldwide. The courses offered by Ibn Sina Herbal are:

1.  Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine Diploma (3 year course) - CMA Accredited

2.  Chinese Herbal Medicine (3 year course) - Coming Soon

3.  Tuina Chinese Medical Massage - Coming Soon

4.  Botany for Beginners - Coming Soon

5.  Acupuncture - Coming Soon

   To find out more about the courses please click on the course above.

   Ibn Sina aims to provide more and more learning services utilising various systems using different methods online and in class.  This includes free online courses, free research articles, free online videos, local short weekend courses and more.  We started by offering short courses and are now running 3 different courses all delivered by different people in professional fields.

   All courses are certified and accredited by Ibn Sina. These are issued by our Head Herbalist (Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov) who has extensive knowledge and experience in this field.  Sh. Hakeem Atabek speaks over 8 languages, has studied in over 5 different countries and praticed Herbal Medicine for over 30 years, making him one of the most unique and authentic Herbalists in the world today. To find out more about Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov click here. The course also carry their own accreditation visit the course pages for more information.

Future plans for Students 

   There are many future plans we have in place for both Herbal Medicine and the students of Herbal Medicine. Firstly Sh.Hakeem Atabek would like to work very closely with all the students of Herbal Medicine and create a strong network with them. For this we will be introducing things like student cards, student discounts for events. He would also like to give them more herbal experiences outside of the herbal course, for this we are looking into doing workshops and herbal retreats where we would like students to not only learn from them but also take an active part in teaching in them. Like this we have a lot of plans for the future and we would like you to also provide us with suggestions and ideas that could make this a greater success. Eg: some students suggested a trip abroad at the end of the course for the students and teachers to travel and collect herbs in a country where this is easier to do etc. 

Leave Feedback

We now run a feedback system which will allows patients to provide feedbacks which helps improve our service and provide a better cure for patients. All feedback will be reviewed by Sh. Hakeem himself. Please be very very open when providing feedback this will be the only way we can understand the real requirements.

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