Herbal and Spiritual Family Retreat in
Wales UK - 2019
(Thurs 25th Jul 2019 / Fri 26th July 2019 to Sun 28th Jul 2019)

   After the success and the feedback from the previous Family Retreat in Germany 2018. Maturidi and Ibn Sina Institute were pleased to organise the next Family Retreat 2019 in the beautiful countryside location in the region of Wales, UK. For Information on our last Retreat please click here or please go to our Facebook pages in 2018 to read the reviews and feedback. The overall feedback which was received was very positive. People said what they experienced at the Retreat was not like anything experienced before. People gave reference to a number of areas this not only included the knowledge gained in herbal and spiritual but also the overall experience in terms of how it was organised and the mixture of activities and more. One of the students expressed that the relationship between the Shaykh / Hakeem, teachers, practitioners, students, children and others was a very open, kind, friendly and family relationship which they said was very unique. However as it is also with life there will always be many learning curves from each Retreat, for which suggestions are always welcome. Thanks for taking the time to visit the page and we look forward to seeing you.

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Key Highlights

  • Retreat Type:  Herbal and Spiritual Retreat for Families and Individuals for the purpose of health, wellbeing and knowledge.

  • Dates: Arrival late (Evening) Thursday 25th July 2019 to (Afternoon) Sunday 28th July 2019 (Optional to come Friday morning)

  • Location: Morfa Bay Adventure, Pendine, Wales, SA33 4PJ

  • Cost (inclusive of full accommodation for 3 nights (excluded on option 4), all options include 8 meals  including breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments, BBQ, all seminars / lectures, all workshops and activities (as per schedule - see below)

  • Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options both Veg and Non Veg. Evening BBQ and Refreshments provided on arrival and during seminars.

  • People: 90 People (including 28 Children)

  • Lectures / Seminars Delivered:  5

  • Workshops Delivered:  14 (Not in paralell)

  • Other / Activities : Retreat and purpose, book launch, site tour, meditation, congregational prayers, dhikr, female and male cupping, herbal examinations and activities including Visit to the beech, herbal collection, activities including archery, abseiling, bushcraft, indoor games and more

Key Information

Seminars Delivered:

  1. Purpose of a Retreat by Shaykh / Hakeem Atabek

  2. Marriage and Parenting with Sanad (Certification) (including 40 collection of Hadith) by Shaykh Atabek

  3. Parents and Adab (Respect) by Shaykh Atabek

  4. Preventative Medicine (Part 1) with Sanad (Certification) on (Another text by Ibnsina) by Hakeem Atabek

  5. Preventative Medicine (Part 2) with Sanad (Certification) on (Another text by Ibnsina) by Hakeem Atabek


Workshops Delivered:

  1. Depression / Mental Health by Sister Saiqa

  2. Depression and Cure by Shaykh Atabek

  3. Walk and Herbal Collection with Hakeem Atabek

  4. Simple Remedy Making with Hakeem Atabek

  5. Oil Extraction / Herbal Relaxation by Sister Shazia

  6. Acupuncture by Sister Shazia

  7. Osteopathy and Unani Medicine by Dr. Adam

  8. Pulse Reading / Meezah by Sister Sonia / Brother Moneeb and Quiz with Hakeem Atabek 

  9. Healing with Honey / Gifts from the Hive by Sister Amina

  10. 5 seasons of life (Ibn Sina Jawzis) by Brother Veysel

  11. Other Topics covered in Daily Spiritual and Herbal Gathering / Daily Q&A -

Activities / Other (including Family Friendly)

  1. Daily Salah in Congregation

  2. Daily Quran Recitation

  3. Daily Zikr (Salaway and Khatam Khawajagon)

  4. Daily Walk with Shaykh - Weather permitting (Beach, Village etc)

  5. Daily Coffee and Chat, a day for Herbal and a day for Spiritual, all questions welcome, please come prepared.

  6. Evening Night Fire Camping (overnight stay to be in rooms as usual).

  7. Book Launch  

  8. Certification

  9. Awliya, Sahaba and Prophet Stories for Adults and Children by Sister Farzana.

  10. Arts for Adults and Children by Sister Farzana

  11. Abseiling for Adults and Children by Morfa Bay

  12. Archery for Adults and Children by Morfa Bay

  13. Bushcraft for Adults and Children by Morfa Bay

  14. Optional activities (Included): Football, Volleyball, Play Park and Indoor Games with Pool Table and Table Tennis

  15.  Spiritual and Herbal Consultations**

  16. Male and Female Cupping by Hakeem Atabek and Ustada Dhimma**

  17. Meditation for Females by Sister Saiqa

Retreat Photo Gallery
Planning Stages

Retreat Name - Herbal & Spiritual Wales, UK Family Retreat 2019

Location - Morfa Bay Adventure Park, Pendine, Wales, SA33 4PJ. The location is in a village / countryside and close to a beach. Morfa Bay Adventure parks is built for schools, colleges and family events. It has been used in the past to host both Muslim and non Muslim events.  The facility is located on a 7 acre land and offers facilities both onsite and offsite and has beds to host upto 200 people. The facility has a mixture of accommodation including lodges for families and large dorm rooms.  The facility is east of Cardiff and Swansea and located on the edge of wales. Direction to the facility as follows:

By Car: Details to follow

By Train: Details to follow

By Air: Details to follow

Date - Thursday 25th July 2019 arrival at 18:15 around Asr (Option to arrive Friday morning for 08:45 Breakfast) to Sunday 28th July 2019 at 14:30 with option to join the Ibn Sina and Maturidi Team for an evening at Cardfiff. 

Certification and Isnaad for - Marriage and Parenting and the Preventative Medicine. An Islamic Certificate known as Isnaad or Sanad (Chain of narration going back to the author) will be awarded to all attendees linking them back to the two authors. This is a unique, one in a life-time opportunity.  Certification will be given at the Retreat.

Cost - Is based on 3 options. A deposit of £50 is payable for reservation by the 28th January 2019 which is also the deadline. Deposits are non-refundable due to passing the deposit to the facility / coach company. An invoice / request will be sent for remaining payment which will be due by 23rd May 2019. 

  • Option 1 (family room within a lodge): £255 per adult** / 12 and over*. Limited number of spaces and on first come basis. Cost includes full accommodation for 3 nights, 8 meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments,BBQ,  all seminars / workshops, all workshops and activities (as per schedule).  Child Discount: on above price, Under 3: free, Under 7: 40% off, Under 11: 20% off. (Deadline to book is 28th January 2019)

  • Option 2 (shared room in lodges / courtyard - 4 to 6 beds per room): £230 per adult** / 12 and over*. Limited number of spaces and on first come basis. Cost includes full accommodation for 3 nights, 8 meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments,BBQ,  all seminars / workshops, all workshops and activities (as per schedule). Child Discount: on above price, Under 3: free, Under 7: 40% off, Under 11: 20% off.

  • Option 3 (shared room in Dormitory Rooms - 8 to 14 beds per room): £185 per adult** / 12 and over*. Limited number of spaces and on first come basis. Cost includes full accommodation for 3 nights, 8 meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments,BBQ,  all seminars / workshops, all workshops and activities (as per schedule). Child Discount: on above price, Under 3: free, Under 7: 40% off, Under 11: 20% off.

  • Option 4 - (Own accommodation / local hotel - there is 2 to 3 local hotels at walking distance can be booked on booking.com. Location is Pendine and postcode of location is as above) - £130 per adult** / 12 and over*. Cost includes 8 meals including breakfast, lunch, dinner, refreshments,BBQ,  all seminars / workshops, all workshops and activities (as per schedule). Child Discount: on above price, Under 3: free, Under 7: 40% off, Under 11: 20% off.

  • Extra over option for Transport / Meet in Manchester / Join in Midlands (location TBC) : £55 per person (Adult and Children) includes return journey. Plan is we meetup in Manchester at 10am, have refreshments and make our way down to Cardiff. There will be a stop in Midlands TBC. Journey approx 4 to 5 hours. ​ On the return we will be stopping at Cardiff on the way back for a final farewell. Please note cost is based on coach (49 seater) booking, if the numbers reduce this may have a small impact on cost. Refreshments / meal / activities during transport are not included.***

***On the return we will be making a stop at Cardiff for a final farewell. People travelling with us in the coach will be with us however anyone travelling using there own transport you may also come.

Travel / Other Information

Passport / Visa - The cost below does not include Visa Service. If you require a Visa please ensure you obtain this before Travelling. 

Insurance - Travel insurance is not included in the above and is strongly recommended that it is taken out before travel. Please note organisation of the transport is through a coach company and there insurances such as public liability (if applicable) and the organisation hosting the event carry there own insurance.

Additional costs - Anything extra and beyond what is stated above is additional cost this includes but not limited to the additional activities provided by the Facility, Food during Transport, Transport to other destinations around the facility and Other items you purchase on or off the site.

Organisation - Organised by the Admin / Family of  Maturidi and Ibn Sina Institute under the guidance of Shaykh / Hakeem Atabek. Accommodation and facilities - Morfabay

Coach Services - TBC

Terms and Conditions - As covered within the above sections.

Schedule (Retreat Only) - (Final schedule and Itenary will be given on the day) Below only includes scheduled specific tasks and does not include all items which will be on a daily basis which includes Prayers, Quran Recitation, Mediation, Nasheed / Dhikr Sessions, Student workshops other optional activities as per the facility introduction and yes not to forget the daily children and adult activities (which includes Ibn Sina Got Talent), games, quizzes etc as well as Breakfast, Dinner and Lunch and more.

Thursday (Arrival) - Late Arrival and Introduction to the Retreat

Friday (Spiritual) - Salah and Zikr Session (Khatam Khwajagon) in Morning, Optional cupping for Males, Walk with the Shaykh to the beach / local village, Marriage and Parenting Seminar with Sanad, Parents and Adab (Respect) Seminar with Sanad, Caving Activity with the Shaykh, Awaliya, Sahaba and Prophet Stories, Depression and Mental Health Workshops by Sister Saiqa and Shaykh Atabek, Spirirtual Coffee and Chat (Q&A) with Shaykh Atabek.

Saturday (Herbal) - Salah and Zikr Session in Morning, Optional cupping for Females, Meditation for Sisters, Examination for Students, Walk and Herbal collection (locally) with Hakeem Atabek, Part 1 Preventative Medicine Seminar with Sanad, Making simple remedies Workshop with Hakeem Atabek, Archery activity with Hakeem Atabek, Activity Arts for Adults and Children, Essential oil extraction and herbal relaxation workshop, alternative therapy workshops (Osteopathy / Acupuncture), Day ended with BBQ meal and Herbal Coffee and Chat (Q&A) with Hakeem Atabek.

Sunday (Combined) - Salah and Zikr Session (Salawat) in Morning, Optional herbal and spiritual consultation with Hakeem Atabek, Part 2 Preventative Medicine Seminar  with Sanad, Pulse reading / Meezaj workshop and Herbal Medicine Quiz with Sister Sonia / Brother Moneeb / Hakeem Atabek, Certification Ceremony and End of Retreat. Optional evening in Cardiff and Farewell meal in Cardfiff.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do i have to come for all duration? -No retreat is over weekend
2. Do i have to help?- No the facility is self managed however any help is appreciated.
3. Can i come with Family? - Yes it is available to all ages and subject to availability you may be given a family room.
4. Is it the same cost for Children? - There is child discount as per the options.
5. Can i make my own way there?  - Yes please don't select the option on the form for Transport.
6. How will payment be made? - Deposit payment is the minimum via Paypal who also accepts card. Final payment will be through transfer for which an invoice will be sent for or you can pay upfront through the link below
7. Is the Retreat open to all? - Yes Muslim and Non Muslim. Male and Females. The facility also has separate facilities for male and females. If under 18 please contact us prior to reservation.
8. What is the total duration by road and is there any pickup points? - We will set off from Manchester around 11 to 12am but meet up before hand and there will be service stops and additional pickup point in the Midlands.
9. What is the closest Airport? - You can come into Manchester Airport, Cardiff Airport and Swansea Airport. If coming to Manchester Airport you will also need to select the transport option. You will also need to make your way to the location in Manchester (Location in Manchester TBC)

10. Will there be independent time? Yes there will be independent time daily and the option to come to workshops. As well as this you can choose not to come. 

11. Can I purchase food locally? Food is included as per the options however should you wish to purchase your own food there is local shops and restaurants for you to do so.

12. Is there discount for 12 to 15 year old's? No discounts for 12 to 15 year old's at the moment.

13. Is Food included in Transport from and to Manchester? As per the option no Food not included during Transport and on the evening of the first day of arrival there will be refreshments provided. You can however choose to purchase on route from the service stops. 

14. Is the deposit per person? Yes please.

 For further information please contact as follows:

UK Phone:

+ 44 7837 834675 (Whats App Preferred before 6pm on Weekdays. Free to speak after 6pm and Weekends)

+ 44 7872 941010 (Whats App Only)




Summary of options
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Screenshot of the Itinerary 
(Provided prior to the Retreat)

Please note we are a group of volunteers who organise the Retreats in which the Retreat is carried out based on non-profit. The purpose of the Retreat is an opportunity to get together for the purpose of knowledge, health and wellbeing of all. Should there be any errors in the above we do apologies for the inconvenience and would kindly request if you could please let us know.