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Patient Testimonies

Illness: Severe Seizures

Patient: Abdul Hamid, Child, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

Abdul-Hamid had been having seizures multiple times a day. The way that he was having these seizures changed too. First it was only his face, then his body started stiffening up and sometimes only his eyes would roll up and he would seem to be 'out of it'. The little boy who was always happy, content and bubbly became really weak, upset and difficult to settle. 

After trying numerous medicines in hospital and increasing the dose of Keppra from 1ml to 1.2ml to 1.5ml twice a day, he was still having seizures daily (albeit a lot less). 

It was heartbreaking to see him still having seizures despite having the medication provided. 

However, shukr alhamdulillah, the medicine provided by the Shaykh completely changed everything. It was a very difficult week with Abdul Hamid being quite upset during most feeds and thus losing a bit of weight too. Having said this, he did not have a single seizure after that. In fact, he started seeming more like himself (a lot more smiles, started babbling and seemed a lot more happier.) It was a struggle but I was consoled by the fact that his seizures completely stopped. 

After the medicine finished, he started gaining a bit of weight and behaving like a normal baby would. I didn't have to worry so much about constantly looking at him in case he has a seizure. He didn't sleep as much and needed to be reassured a lot and held, but this was expected as he also has eczema which makes him quite upset. 

Abdul Hamid was then given another dose of medication by Shaykh, which was said to be a lot stronger and thus needed to be given just twice a day. By the time he was given this he did not have any seizures anyway. But after the week was completed I was sure and had full yaqeen that he would be just fine. 

Shukr alhamdulillah I have never seen a medication work so quickly and be so effective. I have no words to express just how thankful I am. Allah bless the clinic for giving us this miracle of a medicine.

From the father of Abdul Hamidmakes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Illness: Undisclosed Life Threatening

Patient Naved aged 38, Lancashre, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

I went to the hospital last year and was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. I am regularly seen by the Consultant's and Nurses, who monitor me carefully. I went to the hospital about two weeks ago. My Consultant was concerned and insistent that l have surgery. I was reluctant to go down the surgery route. The consultant wasn't pleased that l was not going down the surgery route. I contacted Sheikh and advised them of my situation. Sheikh listened carefully to my concerns and put me on a two week treatment plan.
I was on this treatment for two weeks. Alhamdulillah, l went back to the hospital. The hospital advised that they are pleased with my progess and don't feel that l need surgery. By the permission of Allah, these medications worked.
We are fortunate and blessed by Allah to have Sheikh and their admin team, who are working tirelessly to help people. 
I beg anyone, who is ill that there is an alternative route and to please see Sheikh.

Illness: Epilepsy (Infant)

Patient: Ashraf family, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

"Before the treatment by Shaykh, the baby was suffering epilepsy, being very drained, struggling to smile and doing what a normal baby at 5 months old should do.

When he was on NO medication. He was having 18 - 25 attacks a day. 

When he was on hospital medication only, 4 - 6 a day.

On shaykhs medication he only had 1 small one within the week. On Tuesday but it was a minor attack. But after that NO EPILEPSY ATTACK. Now the baby is Generally a lot happier and bright eyed. A lot more babbling and smiling and laughing and reacting a lot more."

Illness: Severe Digestive Problems

Patient: S. Lancashire, Herbalist: Hakeem Atabek

"I saw Sheikh Sahib in January after suffering for years with digestive problems which included severe bloating and constipation. At the time I was also suffering from lethargy, joint pains, weight gain, and a feeling of tiredness all the time with disturbed sleep. 

Sheikh Sahib checked me and advised that my body temperament was very cold and I was functioning like a 55-60 year old when I was actually 42 at the time.

They started me on an initial 5 week programme with weekly medication and check ups, changing the medication strength as they monitored my body’s response each week. During the treatment I had to provide regular frequent updates, sometimes daily, so that they could adjust the treatment as need be. 

I am now at the end of the treatment, the digestive problems have been corrected, no bloating, no constipation, no craving for sugars and feeling satiated with minimal food. Energy levels went up almost immediately on starting treatment and after struggling for months to get to the gym I am back on a routine of training 5 days per week, skin tone and colour has also improved. Overall much much happier and healthier. Only word of caution, it’s not a walk in the park, but worth it in the end."

(This patient lost in four weeks of treatment three stones (it was manly the burnt waste which has caused his illness).

Illness: Chronic Cold Disease

Patient: Abdullah, North West, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

"I had been to the G.P and was given news that was to change my life forever (life threatening illness).

- Before treatment, l was exhausted all the time constipated, bloated, darrohea.
- Since the treatment, l have lost 8 inches on my waist and four stones. 
- I am training at least 4 days a week, sauna 4 to 5 times a week. 
- I feel strong, fit and energetic.

I had heard about Sheikh about how he had helped people. 
This man is gifted in alternative therapies. He was patient and understanding. He was able to get to the root of the problem and treat accordingly. 

My life has transformed and have been given a new lease of life.
I would recommend anyone who isn't well to see this man."

Illness: Eczema

Patient: Ihsan., Lancashire, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

(Photo is not of the patient)

I’ve had eczema for 26 years of my life..
I’ve been in and out of hospital due to continuous puss and bleeding cuz of the eczema from the age of 8.
I’ve had bandages from dry to wet to help my eczema and very strong steroid creams as you can imagine. 

I also went for alternative medicine aswell like homeopathy, Chinese medicine etc but again same story, it came bk and caused me the same problems again..

Then i found Shaykh Atabek via friend in Nelson who recommended me. I was quite reluctant but I thought I should go as I really wanted the eczema to be gone.
I went on a program for 4 weeks with Shaykh and now my skin is clear and no more dryness and rough skin. I had eczema all over my body and now it’s gone! 

I was so relieved and amazed! 

Illness: Fertility

Patient: Anonymous, Herbalist: Hakeem Ameera Rahim (US)

Ameera Raheem gives excellent advise on which herbs to use. I had some issues with fertility for a couple of years after waiting 8 years to have another child. She said which herbs i should take and i started that regimen. In two months i took it consistently and became pregnant with my third child. So far everything is going well. If you ever need help, consult with Ameera, she definitely knows what to take to help.

Illness: Eczema (Infant)

Patients Parent - Lancashire, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

(Photo is not of the patient)

"My daughter had got eczema at a very young age. We were told by doctors that it is an infant eczema and she will grow out of it. For over 10 years we tried and tested every medicine in the book and it had not gone away. 

After visiting the doctors time and time again, we were then told that it would not go away as they had assumed. We tried all the natural creams to the very best steroids, all eased the eczema temporarily yet nothing worked. We almost gave up hope assuming that eczema would never go better. 

We then met Sheikh Atabek who checked my daughter’s eczema and told us that he will provide us with herbal remedy that will make the eczema disappear. Within 4-6 weeks alhamdullilah the eczema is now fully cured! 
All praises to the almighty who sent sheikh Atabek as a medium for us. We cannot thank the sheikh enough for his work and efforts! My daughter has eczema for over 10 years and with the help of Sheikh Atabek - all fully cured within 4-6 weeks alhamdullilah. May Allah bless the Sheikh for his sincere work and his guidance. In all honesty I cannot thank Sheikh Atabek enough."

Illness: Colitis Bowel Disease (IBD)

Patients Parent, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

(Photo is not of the patient)

"My daughter Khadijah Kubra was diagnosed with colitis bowel disease in June 2017 she was 4 1/2 year old. She would go toilet 3 - 4 times a day after she had eaten anything, she would run to the toilet with loose stools and bloods.

It took doctors 1 1/2 years to find out her condition she had. She was put on medication for life and was told there is no cure for this disease. The medication she takes daily has side effect of reduction to white blood cells, high chances of catching infections and also risk of having bowel cancer. 

The medication she has been taking for a year ...she has been in and out of hospitals with raised flammed bowels going to toilet 6/7 times a day with lot of bloods, mucus and clots. 

She was then given further medication to take to reduce the bleeding and to also help with her bowel conditions...that too had a high chance of damaging the kidney.

Few months down with her getting no better in November last year she would go toilet and scream in agony with every bowel movement she would scream "its burning" was very tearful and emotional for me as there was nothing i could do to help her.

She then developed anus fistula after having MRI she would leak pus bloods and also stools...this was because of a separate tunnel made from the disease from the colen to anus. 

She was then put on a chemo treatment. She had 4 chemo treatments so far but still not getting any better with a lot of infections.

I was recommended to visit Sheikh Atabek and i am so thankful and fortunate to come across him. My daughter is now only going toilet once a day the separate tunnel she had has now been closed. 
She is Alhamdulliah well in her wellbeing. 

It is a truly a blessing from ALLAH SWT to have Sheikh Atabek in this day and age. We are very happy and satisfied and keep up the good work!"

Illness: Neurological (Ataxia) Genetic Disorder

Jabeen Akhtar (Patients Mother) - Bradford UK, Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek

My Name is Jabeen Akhtar I am 32  I have 2 Children Leeza aged 7 and Aidan 5. they both have a neurological condition called Ataxia which is a genetic disorder. 

The cerebellum which is part of the brain is smaller than normal so it affects muscle co-ordination walking speech and balance and motor skills.

There is no treatment other than physiotherapy. I have paid for extra intensive physiotherapy for a number of years and my children walk with the aid of walking frames.

I have recently taken some herbal treatment for only 3 days from Sh. Hakeem Atabek of Avicenna Herbal in Sheffield and was shocked to see changes in such a short period of time. Aidan was able to take 4 steps independently which has never been able to do before and Leeza was able to dress her doll which she could not do before and her concentration improved slightly. 

I am hopeful that the next course of medication from Hakeem Atabek will help my children to walk and improve their quality of life.bout? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

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Student Testimonies

Moneeb Minhas (Herbal Graduate)

Doncaster, UK

"I am a graduate of the Herbal Medical Program. I have studied the program for 3 years and now work alongside the Head Herbalist on research and remedies. I found the program very unique. I've not seen a program like it. Sh. Hakeem Atabek is very knowledgeable in Herbal Medicine and his method of teaching the Urjuzah in both its original Arabic and then translating it to English is a total different experience in itself. I have seen many chronical illnesses been cured through this science"

Kauser Mukhtar (Herbal Graduate)

Bradford, UK

"The Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine course taught by Sh. Hakeem Atabek has helped me to see health and illness in a whole new light. It takes a much more holistic approach and works with the body to eliminate disease from its source rather than fighting the disease and often damaging the body in the process. It offers that which contemporary medicine does not as no system offers the panacea for all ills. The course is such that it can be used to treat patients or to just benefit ones family or oneself"

Shazia Noor (1st Yr Student)

Saudi Arabia

"There are many courses which teach Unani (Greek) medicine and after having spoken to a number of different providers I chose the course at Alberonius. This course is the most authentic. Sh. Hakeem Atabek is always happy to answer any questions which we may have during the class and outside of class time also. The online platform is interactive and you feel very much part of the classroom. Students are always kept up to date and queries are answered in a timely manner. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone considering learning Islamic and Greek Medicine and wish the very best for those who follow this path"

Sonia Nisa (Herbal Gradate)

Doncaster, UK

"I have come such a far way from when I first started this course in 2012. I love the fact that you can watch any lesson again and again throughout the year. This is very beneficial for revision time. The course structure is good and Sh. Hakeem Atabek is no doubt one of the most knowledgeble Herbalists we have. An ocean of knowledge"

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