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Videos are being added to the gallery on a monthly basis. Please keep on visiting the website to see updated videos..We will be convering the below into a searchable gallery. the benefit of the video gallery will be to educate people on the basics of herbal medicine and the use in everyday life to improve health.

An Introduction to Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine

Title: An Introduction to Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine

Lecturer:  Shaykh Hakeem Atabek Shukurov

Duration:  1hr10mins

Videos:  1 Lecture

Description: A lecture introducing the topic of Herbal Medicine. Where it originated from in ancient times, how the Greeks pioneered the Science, then how the Islamic world brought it to Western civilisation. 

Ibn Sina's Preventative Medicine 

Title: Ibn SIna's Preventative Medicine

Lecturer:  Shaykh Hakeem Atabek Shukurov

Duration:  1hr40mins

Videos:  1 Lecture

Description: A lecture explaining the different methods adopted by Ibn Sina on preventing illness rather than curing it. The Shaykh goes through the golden principle used by Ibn Sina that "prevention is greater than cure" and how we can bring that into our lives practically. 

Prophetic and Herbal Medicine Series

Title: Prophetic and Herbal Medicine Series

Lecturer:  Shaykh Hakeem Atabek Shukurov

Duration:  30mins  - 1.5 hour

Videos:  7 Lesson videos

Description: This Lecture is one of the first series he covered on the topic of Medicine in the UK, nearly 10 years ago. Many people believe that Prophetic Medicine is Herbal Medicine or that Ibn Jawzi preserved the science of Prophetic Medicine, however the Hakeem goes through what is actually considered as Propehtic Medicine or does the science even exist in our day and age. He discusses the differences between Islamic-Greek Medicine and Prophetic Medicine. Thereafter he goes over some various illnesses and the cures as instructed by in Prophetic and the various Medicines. 

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