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   It has become apparent that the need for Herbal Medicine and alternative methods is increasing. Ibn Sina Herbal is an independent, yet a twin institution with Maturidi College both of which have been founded by the renowned Scholar and Herbalist: Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov al-Nasafi to ultimately focus curing and educating people. His immaculate character and ocean of knowledge in both the Islamic Sciences  and Herbal Medicine make him second to none in this field. 


   Ibn Sina Herbal are specialists not only in Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine but also in different aspects of both health and life. We provide a wide range of treatment and learning services, both in UK nationally and Internationally. Our aim is to cure and educate people not only using Herbal Medicine but other alternative methods. Our uniqueness is that we exist to serve people for their health, ,life and wellbeing, and everyday we exist we are carrying out extensive research to discover new methods to help us achieve our aim.  We are a non-profit based organisation in which all profits are used for research and development purposes. To learn more about Ibn Sina Herbal visit our About Us page.


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Our Message

   "It is the habit of life that everything comes back to its beginning. Herbal Medicine has served humans for thousands of years. Today, we have a battle between antibiotics and bacteria. Scientists show, in time, bacteria will overcome antibiotics or even become resistant to it. Humans will then turn to alternative medicine searching for answers. Islamic and Greek Herbal Medicine will be a true alternative, a shining luminary in a place of  darkness"


Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov

Website Update / News

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20/06/2020 - Enrolment now open on new online learning portal

New upgraded system offering the following, not limited to:

  • Online Lessons delivered through Zoom Meetings

  • Learn on the go with both systems being compatible with desktop computer, laptop, tablets and mobile phones (both Apple and Android devices)

  • Step by step system with pre-requisites to ensure all content is covered

  • Live lessons with the ability to ask questions live (video sharing, audio and text). Live lessons can be watched using a laptop, desktop computer, tablet and mobile including iphone and android.

  • Recording of live lessons available within the portal after each lesson and will remain on the portal throughout your study

  • Interact with staff and students through the online discussion section dedicated to each course as well as a dedicated Whatsapp Group

  • Submission of assignments, examination and certification

  • Enrolment management to allow you to track and manage subscriptions and payments

01/08/2019 - Enrolment open and new LMS system

Enrolment now open for next academic year and setup of our new LMS system. This will combine our enrolment, live lessons, online courses and examinations all under one system (provided by 3rd party so our student portal will become redundant. The new system has been used and tested for over 7 years). The main benefit the system has is less issues and more automation with less input from admin. 

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Our Services


  • Herbal Medicine Clinic (General Health and Diagnosis) - Cancer Support incl. recovery after treatment, Heart Conditions (bypass, palpitation), Liver Diseases, Kidney Diseases (Urine Infection), Brain Illnesses (Migraine, Skitofenia, Epilepsy, Shaking Hands, Sleeping Problems, Melancholic, Neurological Illnesses including Genetic, Child Development, Skin and Allergic Conditions including hair loss, lipoma, eczema, acne etc, Thyroid, Bowel Diseases including Colitis, Natural Fertility (Impotence), Sexual Transmitted Diseases, Drug Addiction Treatment, Bone, Joint and Muscle Pain including arthritis, Diabetics, Blood Pressure and more

  • Spirituality (Ruqya) Clinic - Feeling  Negative, Life Problems, Marital Problems, Depression Problems, Bad Habits, Psychological Issues and other sprirtiual problems including Magic (Sihr), Possession (Masaha), Evil Eye (Ayn) and more.

  • Cupping (Hijama) Clinic

  • Speicliast Clinics - Pysiotheraphy, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Health and Diet, Beauty Clinic etc)

Click here to see the full list, book or find out more about our treatment clinics 

  • Greco-Islamic Herbal Medicine Diploma (Islamic and Greek Herbal Medical Program)

    • Unqiue course teaching theoretical and practical modules 

    • Includes study of ancient manuscripts, dating back over 800 years old.

    • Taught to students both in UK and overseas.

    • Flexible 3 year structured part time weekend / online (distance student) course. Designed for independent learning in your own time.

    • Will give graduates the ability to diagnose illnesses and make herbal remedies.

    • On completion students will be given certification (Isnaad) and will have the opporutnity to Join Ibn Sina Herbal or become a partner

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

  • Tuina Chinese Medical Massage

  • Botany for Beginners

  • Acupuncture 

Click here to find out more about the Herbal Medicine course or click here to find out more about other learning services

HERBAL & SPIRITUAL Retreat Germany 2018
  • We also work with the communities and societies both locally in the UK as well abroad to keep a joint events and retreats in order to spread awareness about the lost Islamic heritage.

  • We work to bring the junior and senior herbalists to work together to find a solutions to the life threatening illnesses.

  • There are a lot of potential genus herbalists among people. Our events will help those people to discover themselves so that they can start developing their talent and serving the Humanity.

HERBAL & SPIRITUAL Retreat Germany 2018
  • We support our students to research and develop their own style in Herbal Medicine. Our qualified seniour students supervise a team of juniour students (3-4) to make different standard and costumized remedies, and apply them in various type of illnesses.

  • It is very important for the students to find the most suitable style which they will be using in their practice in the future. That cannot be created by the student themselves, rather qualifed herbalist has to supervise the entire development durungout the whole procedure. 

  • The most advanced students will join the team under the supervision of Sh. Hakeem Atabek Shukurov for the further development of their unique style. 

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A short promo about the Herbal Medicine course taught by Sh. Hakeem Atabek himself


(Intro to Herbal Medicine pt1)

A short snippet from a public Herbal lecture where Hakeem Atabek introduces Herbal Medicine

Shaykh Treating

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