Professional Clinical Homeopathic Course



A three year homeopathic part time distant learning course, offered both live and recorded.  Online support is provided throughout the course and students are encouraged to ask questions. Lessons are taught every week throughout the year. The course is broken down into 12 sessions of which each session is 2 to 3 hours. At the end of each lecture there will be research / self study and a final examination at the end of year 1 and 2. At the end of year 3 there will be final exams both written and practical. The timing and course structure will be confirmed by the course leader on the first lesson.

What is Homeopathic Herbal Medicine?

Homeopathy is a German medical system which is invented by the famous physician Samuel Hahnemann. His new and brave invention in the 19th century was to treat a disease with medicines which can cause similar symptoms of it. That makes this system so unique because Almost all other medical systems treat diseases with the opposite herbs. But to have the correct effect and not to harm the patient you have to find the fitting dilution and dosage of the medicine. For this he made a full documentation of all herbs and wrote it down in a fantastic detailed way. To learn more about this medicine we found Herbalist Ashfaq Mohammed Who will give us an introduction to this topic. It's not only a theoretical class but it's also including self experience sessions. For more information about Homeopathic Herbal Medicine please click here.

Course Breakdown / Structure

Year 1 Foundation.

1. Introduction to history of medicine and Homeopathic philosophy. 1 lecture.
2. Human anatomy. 2 lectures 
3. Physiology and the systems of the body. 2 lectures.
4. First Aid / Acute illness and their treatment using homeopathic medicines. 7 lectures.

Year 2 Intermediate.

1. The body in health and disease. 2 lectures 
2. Etiology of semi chronic disease. 2 lectures.
3. Detailed study of the core Polychrest medicines. 5 lectures.
4. Study of the Homeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory for case analysis. 3 lectures.

Year 3. Professional Practitioner Level.

1. Chronic disease and it's treatment. 1 lecture
2. Depth study of chronic medicines. 3 lectures.
3. Detailed patient case taking analysis. 3 lectures.
4. Interpretation of complex symptoms through materia medica and Repertory ( depth study). 3 lectures.
5. The approach to complex cases and their solutions. 2 lectures

Course Leader and Biography (Summarised) as follows:

Ashfaq Mohammed

(Dip. Hom. BSc. Hons. MARH. Homeopathic Practitioner)

Qualifications and Professional Association:
BSc. Honours.
Diploma. Homeopathy ( Inst. N. H ).
Member of Alliance of Registered Homeopaths U.K.


Overview of Experience
Worked in Pharmaceutical Industry for 11 years. Specialisation in medicines on Prostate cancer.
15 years private homeopathic clinic in General Homeopathic Practice. And specialisation in treatment of Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn' s disease and IBS and Psychological disorders.

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Course Texts and Teachers
Studying Online

Ibn Sina Herbal Course has invested into very sophisticated, high quality and reliable online software and equipment. The online resources provided are:


  • High quality video/sound - via Conference System

  • High quality playback of all lessons

  • Ability to ask questions live (audio or by typing)

  • Receive replies to questions instantly live as you learn.

  • Communicate with other students online to share knowledge and discuss lesson content.


Missed your lesson? Or you just want to watch the lesson again?...You don't need to worry! All lessons are recorded live and then put online for you to watch in your own time almost instantly after the lesson. Students also have the option of watching their lessons for the whole year, which is extremely beneficial for revision and exam periods.

After the 1 years of study, if you are successful and pass all your examinations then you will receive certification from Ibn Sina Herbal. (Please note all final examinations will take place at Ibn Sina Herbal) This will be a certificate declaring that you have qualified as a herbalist on the program of study. The isnaad will be certified and issued by the Head Herbalist (Sh. Hakeem Atabek) and Herbalist Amirah Rahim

Certification (Isnaad)
Course Timetable

Due to the course being held and based in the USA. All timings and schedules will be issued according to USA time and date. If you are located in a different time zone, then you must calculate your own time differences according to your own respective countries.

The course term times and holidays will be in conjunction with regular USA state schools and universities (ie: Christmas and New year holidays, similar to USA schools). For the full yearly course calendar and timetable please download prospectus.


Entry Requirements

1st Year: (All Courses) - The course is designed to provide foundations and an introduction to the different aspects of Herbal Medicine. You do not need any prior requirements or foundation studies to start this program. If students under the age of 16 please contact us.

Method of Study

The main method of study for the herbal lessons is online (live). Advance notice will be given to notify you of these lessons. Recordings of each lesson will be available to all students with a unique username and password for each lesson.

Returning Students

If any students could not continue and complete the previous year(s) there will be an option for students to continue lessons. There will be a reduced / zero fee for these students. Please contact us for more info.


Admissions is  straightforward and easy. To enrol click on 'Enrol Now' here or next to this textthis will take you to our LMS (Learning Management System partner. You will first be required to register then you can view the course and enrol. The course fees and payment options are shown on the system and detailed further below. Once enrolled you will be able to view the course information. Can you also please leave send your mobile number to or message to +447837834675 to allow us to add you to the communication groups. For a demonstration to the system please click here.

The Learning Management System (LMS) will have all the information required to allow you to complete the course this includes course documents, information on live classes, recorded videos, payment information, information on assignments and examinations and more.


For the first class this will also be shown on the learning management system and all students are required to attend the first class.  One week before the start date is the enrolment deadline.  If you miss the deadline date for enrolment then you are advised to contact the admin team at the earliest possible date to see if any places are available.

Course, Payment and Discounts

To be confirmed

Terms and Conditions

Please note the above is subject to our terms and conditions, please click here for a copy.